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BtoBAcrobatics, Caring Towards Others
GFriendAudition Song- Invitation, Mom Of Group
SNSDLikes Sweet Potatoes, Blood Type A
Big BangDoesn't Show Skin, Commitment
Cross GenePresh Gene, RUN60
Big BangNever Trust His Hair Color
ExoBallet, Thought Nail Polish Was Lipstick
BTSDestructive, High IQ
ExoBaozi, Oldest
VixxViolent, Kept A Diary As A Trainee
ExoTroll, Main Vocalist
VixxMaknae, Lactose Intolerant
Red VelvetAuditioned For CUBE, Let You Know
TVXQBasketball, Martial Arts
SHINeeTofu, Kind of Clumsy
Miss A Nations Sweetheart, Actor
4MinuteRapper, Roll Deep
BTSSwag, Lazy
EXIDYou Got Some Nerve, Writes Lyrics
SHINeeFashion, Shoppaholic
Miss AFluent English, Little Winners
BtoBWrites Lyrics, Close to All of A Pink
SNSDLeader, I
SNSDCan Play Piano, Sensitive
ExoYoda, Happy Virus
BTSAlien, Paprika
EXIDDasoni, Clarinet
Red VelvetWe Got Married, Doongdoongie
Cross GeneJapanese, Gorgeous Gene
JYJPrettier Than You, Likes Lily Flowers

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