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First Christian Roman Emperor Constantine I
Adaptor of telescope in 1610, subsequently declared hereticalGalileo
Creator of the Elemental Theory (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether.) Believer in a Natural Order based on a scale of relative 'perfection' (God at the top.) Creator of TeleologyAristotle
Student of Aristotle and conqueror of Three Great Ancient Centers of Civilization (Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia.)Alexander the Great
Originally posited that the sun was the center of the planetary systemNicolaus Copernicus
Priest synthesized Biblical concepts and Aristotelian theoryThomas Aquinas
Outlined mechanization of all corporeal matter (esp. biology), separating the body from the mindRenee Descartes
Developer of physical mechanics and fluid dynamic resulting in the propagation of a system of the world which is entirely ordered (and therefore must have been Designed) Isaac Newton
16th-17th century English Viscount advocate of Inductive Reasoning who developed the scientific motto 'fiat experimentum'. Advocate of a 'Reasonable Utopia.'Sir Francis Bacon
Used data adapted from dutch astronomer Tycho Brahe to calculate the elliptical orbit of earth where time and area are proportionateJohannes Kepler
Developer of the nomenclature and the Latin classification system (class, order, genus, species). Specialized in the sexual system of plants. Most famous work Systema NaturaeCarolus Linnaeus
Creator of the Dichotomous Key. 'Greatest Naturalist of the 18th Century' who developed the theory that there is a limited number of original species who evolve toward 'perfection'Jean Baptiste Lamarck
Description Person % Correct
Surgeon of Gladiators who linked Hippocratic concept of humors/bile to the Aristotelian Elements. Advocator of the philosophy that 'the wound is the window into the human body.'Aelius Galen
Used Descartes central idea of the mechanization of the body to prove the existence of a Designer. Most famous for extended Watch metaphor.William Paley
Philosopher and Mathematician who believed the gaps in the Great Chain of Being could be prescribed to the fact that all life forms cannot necessarily co-existGottfried Leibniz
Destroyer of Plato's School in 529 ADJustinian
The Father of Microbiology and contender for the discovery of spermatozoidsAntonie van Leeuwenhoek
Author of the Great Chain of Being in conjunction with Aristotle's ideas. Believer in the plenitude, continuity and linear hierarchy of all aspects of earth.Arthur Lovejoy
Put forward the evolutionary theory of 'Punctuated Equilibrium' as a method of adaptationGeorges Cuvier
Author of the artificial system of classification in 1694 which used Aristotle's 'essence' concept to organize life forms (esp. plants) by one, predominant featureJoseph Pitton de Tournefort
Developed the definition of 'species': that each life form within a species is created with specific, original features, unique to their type regardless of subsequent adaptationsJohn Ray
'Discoverer' of the HomunculusNicolaas Hartsoeker
17th-18th Century French author and gourmand who put forward the 'Plurality of Worlds' theory.Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle

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