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QUIZ: Can you answer the trivia questions about Seinfeld Season 1 Episode 2?

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What is the name of the firm that Vanessa works for?
An obviously jealous Elaine is upset with Jerry when he forgets that he was the one in her dream that had teeth made of this:
What 'word' does Kramer suggest Helen play when she's stuck in Scrabble that Jerry ends up successfully challenging?
When the word is proven to not be in the dictionary, what kind of dictionary does Kramer say they need to prove its legitimacy?
What profession does George want to pretend to be for their first alibi for being in the building?
What is the first fake name that George comes up with, but Jerry says 'it sounds made up'?
On his second try at the fake name, George comes up with this.
Then, in a panic, George changes their fake friends name to this, which would become a recurring name in the series
When George tells Vanessa his fake profession, she asks him what he designs, and George tells her this:
Jerry: 'So, uh, do you date immature men?' Vanessa: '____' (2 words)

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