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$100: In the 'Road Runner and Coyote' cartoons, what famous sound does the Road Runner make? A. Ping! Ping! B. Beep! Beep! C. Aooga! Aooga! D. Vroom! Vroom!
A. Over the eyes B. On the knees C. Around the throat D. On their hips
A. Hora B. Swing C. Lambada D. Polka
A. Bull Latin B. Duck Latin C. Dog Latin D. Pig Latin
A. Breast B. Wing C. Leg D. Gizzard
A. Center B. Tight end C. Wide receiver D. Quarterback
A. Zeus B. Mercury C. Cupid D. Poseidon
A. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial B. Jurassic Park C. Raiders of the Lost Ark D. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
A. Laramie B. Tombstone C. El Paso D. Dodge City
A. August B. February C. September D. November
A. Phoenix B. Dragon C. Minotaur D. Golem
A. Albert Sabin B. Neils Bohr C. Louis Pasteur D. Jonas Salk
A. Islam B. Judaism C. Hinduism D. Christianity
A. Philip Johnson B. Le Corbusier C. Frank Gehry D. I. M. Pei
A. Lyndon Johnson B. Richard Nixon C. Jimmy Carter D. Gerald Ford
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