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Can you name the countries in which the following films were produced?

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Metropolis, The Lives of Others
The Policeman (Officer Azulai), Waltz with Bashir
Battleship Potemkin, Solaris
Mad Max, Picnic at Hanging Rock
Oldboy, Obaltan
The Seventh Seal, My Life as a Dog
The Commitments, My Left Foot
The Rules of the Game, Amélie
Lawrence of Arabia, Trainspotting
Bicycle Thieves, For a Few Dollars More
Yellow Earth, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
City of God, Black God White Devil
The World of Apu, Zanjeer
The Gods Must Be Crazy, Cape of Good Hope
Fist of Fury, A Better Tomorrow
Porky's, The Sweet Hereafter
Soldier of Orange, The Vanishing
Gone with the Wind, The Searchers
Miracle Alley, Pan's Labyrinth
Rashomon, Akira

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