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Can you name the Wars in which these battles took place?

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War of the Third Coalition, Battle of Trafalgar, Invasion of Russia
Battle of Khorramshahr, Operation Undeniable Victory, Operation Ramadan
Battle of Ladysmith, Battle of Spion Kop, Battle of Paardeberg
Battle of Wissembourg, Battle of Sedan, Siege of Paris
Battle of Puebla, Battle of Camarón, Battle of Tacámbaro
Battle of Port Arthur, Battle of the Yellow Sea, Battle of Tsushima Strait
Jintian Uprising, Battle of Shanghai, Battle of Cixi
Operation Black Buck, Battle of Goose Green, Battle of Wireless Ridge
Battle of İnönü, Battle of Sakarya, Battle of Dumlupınar
Martyr's Square, Ten Days Campaign, Siege of Antwerp
Battle of Manila Bay, Battle of San Juan Hill, Siege of Santiago
Second Battle of Ypres, Gallipoli Campaign, Battle of Jerusalem
Battle of Seven Pines, Battle of Antietam, Battle of Atlanta
Siege of Madrid, Guernica, Battle of Teruel
Battle of Tacna, Battle of Chorrillos, Battle of Huamachuco
October Revolution, Battle for Tsaritsyn, Battle of Volochayevka
Battle of York, Burning of Washington, Battle of Baltimore
Operation Storm-333, Panjshir Offensives, Battle of Arghandab
Battle of Alma, Charge of the Light Brigade, Siege of Sevastopol
Ten-Day War, Siege of Sarajevo, NATO Bombing
Battle of Jebel Heitan, Battle of Mitla Pass, Operation Musketeer/Kadesh
Operation 34A, Battle of Khe Sanh, Tet Offensive
Battle of the River Plate, Battle of Tarawa, Market-Garden
Long March, Liaoshen Campaign, Pingjin Campaign
Battle of Shanghai, Hundred Regiments Offensive, Rape of Nanking
Battle of Khafji, Highway of Death, Battle of Norfolk
Battle of Algiers, Battle of Agounennda, Operation Jumelles
Operation Focus, Ammunition Hill, Battle of Golan Heights
Operation Jackpot, Battle of Basantar, Battle of Longewala
Battle of Uijeongbu, Battle of Inchon, Chosin Reservoir Campaign

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