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Can you name the following facts about the City of New York (Part II)?

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Year recognized as the official founding of the city
Italian explorer who first 'discovered' New York Bay, has a bridge named in his honor
The city flag is a vertical tricolor of these colors
Mid-20th century urban planner, chairman of the Triborough Bridge Authority
In 1754, King George II chartered this university
Building which served as the first capitol of the United States
Philippe Petit gained fame for his high-wire walk between these two buildings
Stretching 6,000 feet across the East River, this was the world's first steel-wire suspension bridge
The first mayor of five-borough New York, today his name is associated with traffic jams
The Unisphere was the theme symbol for this 1964/1965 event
Concert venue named for a famed captain of industry
Bronx based ball-club with a worth of over $1 Billion
Their crosstown rivals from Flushing, Queens
Considered a classic of Art-Deco architecture, this building was tallest in the world for 11 months
This island on the East River is home to New York's jail facility
Named after a Dutch city, this neighborhood was the center of the 1920's artistic movement in the American black community
Native American tribe that inhabited New York prior to European colonization
Flushing Meadows-Corona Park plays host to this annual sporting event
This low-cost airline has its headquarters in Forest Hills, Queens
The most populous county in New York State, it shares the sames boundaries as Brooklyn

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