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Can you name the original 28 townships that made up the Military Tract of Central New York?

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HintTownship NameTownship #
Spartan general, First king of a united Greece.1
Carthaginian military leader who led elephants across the Alps and into Rome during the 2nd Punic War.2
Latin collection of proverbial wisdom and morality from the 3rd or 4th century3
Committed a famous assassination on the Ides of March4
Five time Roman dictator and 'second founder' of Rome5
Oft-quoted Roman statesman, philosopher, lawyer, orator, poet6
Roman general, impeached for high treason and thrown from the Tarpeian Rock by the tribunes.7
Stoic philosopher and last of the Five Good Emporers8
Roman military leader who won the spolia opima and conquered Syracuse9
Roman statesman, defeated at the Battle of Pharsalus, assassinated in Egypt10
Eponymous first king of Rome11
Roman general who defeated # 2 in second Punic War12
Roman consul who led an attack at the battle of Trebia13
English byname of #614
HintTownship NameTownship #
Roman general, father of guerrilla warfare15
Latin poet, author of Metamorphoses16
English poet, defender of free speech and freedom of the press, author of Paradise Lost17
English philosopher and physician, known as the 'Father of Liberalism'18
Greek author of the Iliad and the Odyssey19
Athenian statesman, lawmaker, poet who laid the foundations for Athenian democracy20
Found in the Iliad, this Trojan prince fought for Troy in the Trojan war21
King of the Greek Island, Ithaca22
Poet Laureate in 1668, and translator of #24's works23
Rome's greatest poet - wrote a noble history of Rome24
Virtuous Roman aristocrat and statesman, served as Roman dictator for 15 days25
Stoic philosopher, teacher of Marcus Aurelius26
Greek physician, surgeon, philosopher, specializing in anatomy and humorism27
American major-general and Scottish Lord28

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