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Can you name the South Park Episodes - Season One?

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QuoteEpisode TitleOriginal Air Date
How come everything today has involved things either going in or coming out of my ass? August 13, 1997
Beefcake!!August 20, 1997
And where his leg should be, there's nothing but... Patrick Duffy.August 27, 1997
I'm super, thanks for asking. September 3, 1997
Genetic engineering is a way to fix God's horrible mistakes, like German people. September 10, 1997
What has America's youth come to? Kids won't even kill their own grandparents. September 17, 1997
Up yours Tina Yothers! October 29, 1997
QuoteEpisode TitleOriginal Air Date
You're all a bunch of Judases!February 4, 1998
Sally Struthers, you give me that cake. November 19, 1997
Hidey Ho! December 17, 1997
Don't **** with Wendy TestabergerFebruary 11, 1998
Robert Smith is the greatest person who ever lived!February 18, 1998
Who is Eric Cartman's father?February 25, 1998

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