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QUIZ: Can you write the name of the hidden color in each sentence?

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Newspaper editors decided to go on strike
The cab lacked proper brakes to stop at the intersection.
A big, old, hungry dog arrived at our door every morning.
The cop persuaded him not to create a disturbance.
The Brazilian student, Paulo, lives around the corner from us.
You shouldn't let an upstart like him bother you.
He let out a big yell, owing to the injuries he received when he fell.
La Jolla Venders decided to cut their prices in half.
Long rayon fabrics were loaded on the truck.
The Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli lacked the required documents to enter.
You shouldn't sell this fossil very cheaply, because it is a rare specimen.
The new law hit everybody's pocketbook pretty hard.
Showing envy or anger is considered wrong.
There is a shop in Kenya that only sells deer meat.
Her left eyebrow never fades, because it is a tattoo.
An open gate always welcomes visitors.
The icy antarctic is home to the most penguins.
After weeks of waiting, the militia quashed the rebellion.

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