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The transformation from producing goods by hand to producing goods by machine
When a company merges with another company in the same business
Empire Building
Latin American country located between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans where it would be easy to build a canal
Current state that was bought from Russia
People's Party
The merger of two of more companies along the same chain of production
The idea that government should stay out of business
An example of the working conditions during the Industrial Revolution
A journalist who worked to expose the real problems that America had in the early 1900s
The battleship that was destroyed in Havana Harbor and started a war.
The wealthiest man in the history of the world.
US policy that foegin nations must allow free trade in China
We Covered It!You Know It!
The process that allows for the mass production of Steel
Reason that someone wants to leave their country for another
Someone who has moved from their country to another
Group of workers trying to work together to get better treatment at work
Wealthy Steel Industrialist who donated the majority of his fortune before he died
Large Apartment buildings where the poorest people lived
Business organization that completely controls the market for a type of good
Survival of the Fittest
Inventor of the Light Bulb
The Banker who once bailed out the US government
A country where man immigrants came from during the Industrial Revolution
The process of many people moving to the cities

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