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Problems and PeopleProgressive Solutions
Progressives wanted to use this alternative to solve the problem of Child Labor.
This act was passed to help improve living conditions in New York.
This organization was formed to help African Americans during the Progressive Era.
Political Corruption in the cities was also known as what?
This was put in place to help allow people to vote for who they wanted.
This gave women the right to vote.
The first Progressive President, he began the practice known as trust-busting.
This movement believed in the limited and wise use of our Natural Resources.
The fair treatment of both workers unions and the business owners.
This established the Food and Drug Administration to protect people from false or misleading medicines.
The Pendleton Act was meant to prevent this practice.
Journalists who worked to expose the problems in the cities.
The growth of industry and cities contributed to the growth of this problem in most cities.
Problems and PeopleProgressive Solutions
Passed during Roosevelt's presidency, this act required the Department of Agriculture to inspect all packaged meat.
Book about the unsafe practices in meat packing plants, written by a muckraker.
The institution put in place to help control the American Banking System.
These were used to help reform local governments by providing stronger leadership.
The practice of breaking up large corporations or monopolies that prevented fair competition.
This fulfilled the Progressive Goal of having the direct election of Senators.
These helped people through hard times in return for votes.
The means by which a politician may be removed from office before their time is up.
This organization was formed to help promote child welfare.
The movement working to get voting rights for women was known as what.
This President passed the 18th and 19th Amendments to further Progressive ideals.
This group of people grew out of the Populist Movement and wanted to help the country move forward.
One common background of the Progressives.

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