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Can you name the powers and positions of the American Government?

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The National Chief Executive
Groups of people with similar political beliefs.
The Law Making Branch of Government.
The document that outlines the structure of the American Government.
The Lower House of Congress
The President's top advisers form this
The Vice President also serves this role in the Senate
The Presidential role that gives him control over the nation's military
The Election in which a Candidate campaigns against members of his/her own party.
The chief executive of State Governments.
A person who exposes wrong doings within government or an organization
The president who used the bully pulpit to get his way
A type of veto that can only be used if the Congress is less then ten days from adjouning
Look in your brain first!Prove you know it!
The upper house of Congress
The age that a Candidate must be to run for President
The election held between members of different parties
The highest ranking member of the House of Representatives
The name used when referring to both houses of the Legislative Branch
The term length for a Senator
The number of Senators from each state.
The leader of the majority party in Congress is known as the what?
The largest Liberal Political Party in the United States
The process Congress goes through to remove Presidents and high officials from office
The largest Conservative Political Party in the United States
The Primary Job of the President.

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