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In what case was it determined consumers are neighbours of manufacturers1932
Name a case where the Bolam test was applied1954 - test tubes
Case where company recovered damages from employee1957
Mistake of Identity of Subject Matter1864, both parties thinking of different ship month
Name a case where the 2nd pair of reasonableness factors outweighed the first pair and the def was therefore not liable1951 - cricket
What is the name of the statue where 'seller of goods has a voidable title to them, but his title has not been voided at the time of the sale, the buyer acquires a title to goods'Act, Section
Case which provides warning to business sales teams who make unrealistic promises in order to win contract2010, fraud was involved so clause limiting liability was ineffective
Mistaken identity was important so no consensus ad idem1878, Handkerchiefs with letter from well-known and successful business
When the defs actions were reasonable so did not break the chain of causation1943 - boat
Case where def's actions were purely incidental to job but def still liable1942 - smoking
What case says a bank is 'put on enquiry' and must take reasonable steps to satisfy that wife understands transaction she is entering2001
Relied on company prospectus before making takeover bid1884, misrepresentation was so trivial it didn't significantly affect decision
In what case was it established the person giving advice does not need to be an expert2004 - police
Plea of Non Est Factum failed1971, due to own carelessness
Rogue ordered goods from business that did not exist1897, contract was not void
What test is this 'courts take into account feelings of victim and what he genuinely believes'
Regarding innocent misrepresentation, which statute and section describes: 'gives court discretion to award damages instead of recision if it feels contract should continue'Act, Year, Section, Part
Case where policy considerations considered when deciding whether to impose vicarious liability2001
In which case did policy considerations influence the outcome that no duty of care should be owed1988 - yorkshire ripper
Divorcee applying for post as governess for CLM's children1873, contract was valid
Regarding negligent misrepresentation, which statute and section describes: 'court can award damages and/or recision; such an action shifts burden of proof onto Def'Act, Year, Section, Part
Described troubling tenant as 'most desirable'1884, contract set aside for misrepresentation
Name 2 cases where the damage was too remote1961 case, 1964 case
Case where it was too late for CLM to recover car because an innocent third party had obtained title1972, thief pretending to be actor (stolen cheque book) then sold car to DEF
Case where acting on instinct does not count as genuinly accepting the risks1935
Hare skins 1939
Case outlining damages redutctions for not wearing a seatbelt1976
Presumed Undue Influence1994, Husband told wife overdraft was limited but was unlimited
In what case was the 'but for' test created1952
Name the case the Caparo test was formed1990
Father and Bank manager saying son will be prosecuted 1866, Actual undue influence
What act is contributory negligence based onact, year
Name the case where there was more than one cause of loss (only one was negligence)2002
Breakthrough case duty of care was owed for negligent advice even if only resulted in pure economic loss1963
Mistaken identity was not an acceptable plea1919, only mistake was credit worthiness
Name a case where defs actions were so unreasonable they broke the chain of causationclm v def 1, def 2 & def 3
Mistake of Existence of Subject Matter1856, corn overheated
Name another case where a pure economic loss claim also failed1966 - sheep auction
Plea of Non Est Factum Suceeded1869, Feeble sighted old man and dishonest young man
Name the case where def could only claim for damage caused directly from the breach1968
Case regarding a contract can be declared void by informing the police but must be done before sale to innocent third party1965, Rogue bought car with stolen chequebook but before he sold it on, owner of car informed police
Company once vicariously liable and once not1962 and 2000
In which case is it outlined that the 'reasonable man' does not equal the perfect man1953
Farmer who had to keep extending overdraft for son's business1995, Failure to advise others to seek independent advice first is strong indicator of undue influence
Case where accepting lift from drunk driver not consenting to risks1939
Name the regular test in determining whether a defendent has met the legal standard of care
2 cases where soliceters liable for pure economic loss claimsillegitimate witness, delayed redraft
Gruesome murder taken place in house2004, Failing to volunteer info isn't misrepresentation
The thin skull exception case1962
Case regarding Duress1976, threats and telephone calls
Name the case where the chain of causation led to a mans death and def was still liable2008
Latin name for 'no harm can be done to a willing person'
Name the case (non solicitors) where pure economic loss claim did suceed2000
2 cases where def was on a frolic of his ownwithout employer permission, with permission
True statements which subsequently become untrue1936, Doctors practice whose income dropped, failure to inform amounted to misrepresentation
Bidding for property assuming surrounding gardens included1880
Name the leading case in deciding there should be no duty of care for pure economic loss only1990 - housing surveyers
Sheep farm1927, was merely a statement of opinion
2 cases where consequential economic loss succsessfulsteel case, lobster case
There was no obligation for party to check accuracy so contract could be rescinded for misrepresentation1881, Solicitor wanting partner in practice
Name a case where the usefulness of the defendants actions helped him be found not liable1954 - fireman
Contract was not legally binding due to mistake of identity2003, Mr Patel

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