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Can you name the correct answers for these questions on Twin peaks?

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Creator/Executive producer
Creator/Executive producer
Premiered in
On this network
Number of episodes
Primarily filmed in
Primarily filmed in
The hotel in Twin Peaks
The brothel across the border
The madam at the brothel
Ben and Jerry's family name
Gersten, Harriet and Donna's family name
Bernard, jean and Jacques' family name
The secret society combating darkness
Mike and Bob tattooed this phrase on their arms
David Duchovny's character represents this government agency
Cooper never beat Earle in this game
She is Windom Earle's late wife
The Log Lady's real name
Earle and Briggs were involved in this project in the 1960s
Cooper adores this Chinese region
The soap opera everyone seem to watch
James Hurley has this brand of motorbike
She sings most of the songs on the soundtrack
The agrophobic guardian of Laura's diary
He grows this kind of flowers
Andy Brennan's love rival
During his state of confusion Ben recreates this war
Nadine's main obsession before her overdose
The jazz singer in the red room

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