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Can you name the 50 most underrated movies of the 1990s?

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1.Forest Whitaker (1999)
2.Denzel Washington (1995)
3.Billy Bob Thornton (1998)
4.Pam Grier (1997)
5.Bill Pullman (1998)
6.Christian Slater (1990)
7.Gabriel Byrne (1990)
8.Steve Martin (1991)
9.Ron Livingston (1999)
10.Kevin Bacon (1999)
11.Fred Ward (1990)
12.Michael Douglas (1997)
13.Jim Carrey (1996)
14.Ralph Fiennes (1995)
15.Heath Ledger (1999)
16.Sigourney Weaver (1992)
17.Ewan McGregor (1998)
18.Liam Neeson (1990)
19.Julia Stiles (1999)
20.Katie Holmes (1999)
21.Kirsten Dunst (1998)
22.Keifer Sutherland (1998)
23.Matt Dillon (1996)
24.Reese Witherspoon (1999)
25.Christine Taylor (1996)
26.Kevin Spacey (1994)
27.Tom Hanks (1990)
28.Nick Nolte (1990)
29.Will Smith (1993)
30.Uma Thurman (1996)
31.Bill Paxton (1992)
32.Nicolas Cage (1993)
33.Guy Pearce (1999)
34.Liv Tyler (1996)
35.Arnold Schwarzenegger (1996)
36.Ethan Hawke (1997)
37.Andy Garcia (1996)
38.Samuel L. Jackson (1997)
39.Brad Pitt (1997)
40.Kevin Costner (1995)
41.Sean Astin (1991)
42.Cameron Diaz (1996)
43.Jennifer Love Hewitt (1998)
44.Devon Sawa (1999)
45.Steve Martin (1997)
46.Sheryl Lee (1992)
47.Tom Cruise (1999)
48.Jon Favreau (1998)
49.Robert Downey Jr. (1992)
50.George Clooney (1997)

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