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Can you name the Good, the Bad and the Ugly movies?

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Cameron Diaz (2011)
Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal (2004)
Ryan Gosling (2010)
Tyler Perry (2009)
George Clooney (2006)
Jessica Alba (2007)
David Strathairn (2005)
Jennifer Aniston (2002)
Geena Davis (1996)
Jack Nicholson (1997)
Walter Matthau (1976)
Gerard Butler (2009)
Sissy Spacek (1973)
Richard Dreyfuss (1977)
Macaulay Culkin (1993)
Billy Bob Thornton (2003)
Christian Slater (1998)
Anthony Hopkins (2002)
Diane Keaton (1977)
Robin Williams (1987)
Martin Lawrence (1995)
Matt Damon (1997)
Kevin Spacey (1997)
Drew Barrymore (1994)
Angelina Jolie (2006)
Tom Cruise (1992)
Bruce Willis (2013)
Russell Crowe (2006)
Harvey Keitel (1992)
Piper Perabo (2000)

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