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Can you name a movie nominated for the Best Picture Oscar that each actor has appeared in?

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ActorBest Picture Nominees
Marisa Tomei
Ron Howard
Anna Faris
Skeet Ulrich
Gary Oldman
Tom Hiddleston
Patti LuPone
Christopher Reeve
Paul Reiser
James Gandolfini
Drew Barrymore
Naomi Watts
Kyra Sedgwick
Rosamund Pike
Julia Stiles
ActorBest Picture Nominees
Robert Downey Jr.
Clive Owen
Geena Davis
Christopher Lloyd
John Leguizamo
Daniel Craig
Claire Danes
Jay Baruchel
Kevin Kline
Lenny Kravitz
Forest Whitaker
Tom Hardy
Bill Paxton
Chris O'Donnell
Jon Favreau

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