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1.'Party's over,' says Lionel before slaughtering a horde of zombies with a lawnmower. (1992)
2.Uncle Frank corners Kirsty in the attic and the cenobites snare him with chains. (1987)
3.Timothy is strapped to a rack that slowly twists each of his limbs to its breaking point. (2006)
4.Shannon's head gets ripped in half as she tries to escape, exposing her wiggling tongue. (2006)
5.The French serial killer beheads a man using a stair railing and a bookcase. (2003)
6.Captain Rhodes is ripped apart by zombies who pull out his innards as he watches on. (1985)
7.A zombie grabs Paola's head and slowly pulls it toward a massive wooden splinter that punctures her eyeball. (1979)
8.After the top of his skull is surgically removed, Krendler is served his own brain for dinner. (2001)
9.Taguchi would like to have sex with his girlfriend but his penis has become a huge drill. (1989)
10.An undead priest uses weird psychic powers to make Rosie start coughing up her guts. (1980)
11.After opening the biblical artifact, Major Toht's face begins to melt into a puddle of goo. (1981)
12.Kakihara slices off the end of his own tongue as an offering to the boss of Suzuki. (2001)
13.The title character stays hidden in the rafters but announces his presence by beheading and bisecting the men below. (2009)
14.Zito jumps onto the hood of Savini’s car, aims a shotgun at him through the windshield and Savini's head explodes in a shower of red. (1980)
15.Ash is beaten up by his own possessed hand until he decides to grab the chainsaw... (1987)
16.An inmate has his wish come bloodily true after saying 'I wanna walk right through those bars.' (1999)
17.The infamous head-exploding scene where one man, using his mind, makes another man's cranium burst. (1981)
18.The zombie chickens slice up a girl's face using a slicing machine, while another guy has his head and spine removed and popped on the grill. (2006)
19.At the film’s close, Jack is killed and mutilated by the ravenous Ya̧nomamö people. (1980)
20.Fuad Ramses III peels a young girl’s skin (and hair) from her skull, leaving her little more than a bloody, open-mouthed mess. (2002)
21.After the raw meat in the kitchen starts moving, the haunting turns gory when psychic investigator Marty's face begins to fall apart in the bathroom. (1982)
22.During an epic fight, a big bruiser karate chops a prisoner’s head, causing it to explode. (1991)
23.'Shunting' is when a group of high society types meld into an amorphous blob while pleasuring one another. (1989)
24.Kane is wolfing down food, relieved of a parasite, when he starts convulsing and his chest bursts open. (1979)
25.Jack is enjoying a post-coital smoke when something attacks him from underneath the bed. (1980)
26.In the Antarctic, a monster erupts from Norris' chest, chomping on Dr. Cooper's arms. (1982)
27.A girl's face is pushed through a window, and she is then stabbed and hanged, falling through a stained glass skylight. (1977)
28.Finally, the knives are turned on John Kramer as he is given a gruesomely thorough autopsy. (2007)
29.Paxton saves a woman from being tortured by the American Client, but is too late to save her right eye, which is dangling from its socket. (2005)
30.After turning down a request, a movie producer wakes up to discover the severed head of his beloved racehorse in bed with him. (1972)
31.“I’ve paralyzed your body, but your nerves are still awake,” says Asami before getting out a wire saw and moving down to her victim’s feet. (1999)
32. Denise discovers Dr. Satan’s operating theater, where he’s currently performing decidedly gooey brain surgery. (2003)
33.Predatory alien Sil takes out the competition in a nightclub, ripping out the spine of another attractive female while she urinates. (1995)
34.Helen's daughter comes back to life and kills her with a garden hoe before eating her. (1968)
35.The photographer Keith goes to retrieve some daggers when a truck rolls toward him and releases a sheet of glass, beheading him. (1976)
36.In the segment entitled ‘They’re Creeping Up On You!’, a germophobic guy is infested with creepy crawlies that burst through his skin. (1982)
37.A dog that has been impregnated with an alien embryo finally gives birth in typically grim fashion. (1992)
38.Tim survives a date with the dentist only to be crushed by a plate of glass that falls from above. (2003)
39. A group of Nazi zombies rip one of the campers apart limb from limb. (2009)
40.The old timer is blown to smithereens by Dale, who uses a stick of dynamite to gut-spewing effect. (2007)
41.Martha begins to drain a filthy bathtub until a rotting body emerges, and shoves her head against the nail in the wall. (1981)
42.Brundle, now almost entirely transformed, melts Borans’ hand and foot using his own acidic vomit. (1986)
43.Jesus is beaten, whipped, and nailed to the cross. (2004)
44.Killer Reno Miller puts his drill to the cranium of a sleeping man before kissing him goodnight. (1979)
45.A guy is eaten from the inside out by parasitic snakes, causing his skull to collapse and his eyeballs to pop out. (2005
46.After being attacked by a wolf in the English countryside, the backpacking Jack's body is revealed, slashed to bits and gushing blood. (1980)
47.Beating him to a pulp, the invisible Mike repeatedly headbutts Joey until his nose and jaw break. (2008)
48.A brilliant inmate devises a way to escape from his makeshift jail cell, butchering his guards and actually using one as a disguise. (1991)
49.Glen dozes off and is sucked into his mattress and then released in a huge torrent of blood. (1984)
50.Casey is discovered by her mother after being stabbed on the front porch then strung from a tree, 'insides on the outside.' (1996)

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