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#MovieActor/Director (Year)
1.dir. by Tobe Hooper (1974)
2.Anthony Perkins (1960)
3.Mia Farrow (1968)
4.Sissy Spacek (1976)
5.dir. by Dario Argento (1977)
6.Jack Nicholson (1980)
7.dir. by Tod Browning (1932)
8.dir. by George A. Romero (1968)
9.Kurt Russell (1982)
10.Jeff Goldblum (1986)
11.Julie Christie (1973)
12.James Woods (1983)
13.dir. by Carl Theodore Dreyer (1932)
14.Catherine Deneuve (1965)
15.Linda Blair (1973)
16.dir. by F.W. Murnau (1922)
17.dir. by Georges Franju (1960)
18.dir. by Kiyoshi Kurosawa (2001)
19.dir. by Dario Argento (1975)
20.dir. by Michael Powell (1960)
21.Isabelle Adjani (1981)
22.dir. by Takashi Miike (1999)
23.Sigourney Weaver (1979)
24.dir. by Alfred Hitchcock (1963)
25.Christopher Lee (1973)
26.Klaus Kinski (1979)
27.dir. by George A. Romero (1978)
28.Kyle MacLachlan (1992)
29.Jamie Lee Curtis (1978)
30.dir. by Sam Raimi (1981)
31.dir. by David Cronenberg (1979)
32.Elsa Lanchester (1935)
33.dir. by Steven Spielberg (1975)
34.dir. by Jacques Tourneur (1943)
35.dir. by Larry Cohen (1976)
36.Roman Polanski (1976)
37.Michael Caine (1980)
38.dir. by Bob Clark (1972)
39.Boris Karloff (1931)
40.dir. by Stuart Gordon (1985)
41.Laura Dern (2006)
42.Bruce Campbell (1987)
43.dir. by Teinosuke Kinugasa (1926)
44.dir. by Dario Argento (1982)
45.Robert Mitchum (1955)
46.Craig T. Nelson (1982)
47.Michael Rooker (1986)
48.dir. by Jean Epstein (1928)
49.Donald Sutherland (1978)
50.dir. by Kaneto Shindô (1964)
#MovieActor/Director (Year)
51.dir. by Herk Harvey (1962)
52.dir. by Robert Wiene (1920)
53.dir. by Wes Craven (1972)
54.Joe Spinell (1980)
55.dir. by Mario Bava (1966)
56.Jeremy Irons (1988)
57.Alejandro Jodorowski (1989)
58.dir. by Bob Clark (1974)
59.dir. by John Landis (1981)
60.Peter Lorre (1931)
61.dir. by George A. Romero (1985)
62.dir. by Mario Bava (1960)
63.Malcolm McDowell (2009)
64.dir. by David Lynch (1977)
65.Jennifer Jason Leigh (1986)
66.dir. by Pascal Laugier (2008)
67.dir. by Kaneto Shindô (1968)
68.dir. by Jacques Tourneur (1942)
69.Dennis Hopper (1986)
70.George C. Scott (1980)
71.dir. by Clive Barker (1987)
72.Jodie Foster (1991)
73.Kathryn Bigelow (1987)
74.Vincent Price (1968)
75.dir. by Claire Denis (2001)
76.Bette Davis (1962)
77.dir. by Lucio Fulci (1979)
78.dir. by Lucio Fulci (1981)
79.Deborah Kerr (1961)
80.Roddy Piper (1988)
81.Burt Reynolds (1972)
82.Monica Bellucci (2002)
83.dir. by Greg McLean (2005)
84.dir. by George A. Romero (1976)
85.dir. by Dario Argento (1987)
86.dir. by Jacques Tourneur (1943)
87.Kim Hunter (1943)
88.dir. by George Sluizer (1988)
89.Sam Neill (1994)
90.Heather Donahue (1999)
91.dir. by John Carpenter (1980)
92.Lili Taylor (1995)
93.dir. by Don Siegel (1956)
94.Dee Wallace (1981)
95.dir. by Victor Sjöström (1921)
96.dir. by Robert Hiltzik (1983)
97.Brooke Shields (1976)
98.Vincent Price (1964)
99.dir. by Nobuhiko Ôbayashi (1977)
100.dir. by Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury (2007)

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