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Madam Pince is a thin and irritable librarian who looked like an underfed ...?Starts with V
Warlock D.J. Prod of Didsbury succeeded in turning his wife into a....?Starts with Y
What was the shape of Nearly Headless Nick's cake?Starts with T
Where did Hermione sit in the broom closet when Harry wanted a few questions answered?First word U Second word B
What tower is Flitwick's office located in?North, East, South or West?
During Slytherin quidditch match, who missed the Gryffindor penalty shot?Starts with A, In book 3
At what age did Neville realise he had magical powers?Starts with E
Who was the last person coming back out of the castle when Harry and Hermione were are about to ride Buckbeak?Starts with M
What colour silk dress does the Fat Lady wear?Starts with P
People were convinced they saw an old car flying over... 3 words, First starts with P

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