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Can you name the things in history relating to New Years Day?

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January 1, 1892 a major processing station for immigrants opened where?
English author EM Forster was born New Years Day 1897, what does EM stand for?
What year were the first traveller's cheques issued in London?
Which American sporting legend was born in Fremont, California in 1905 and died on New Year's Day in 1998
The first civilian passenger flight from Heathrow Airport departed on New Year's Day in which year
Which novelist, whose major work was published in 1951, was born in New York City on New Year's Day in 1919
Which country joined the European Common Market alongside Ireland and Great Britain on New Year's Day in 1973
The singer/actor Maurice Chevalier, who died on January 1, 1972, was born in which country
The first college football bowl game was played on January 1, 1902, but which bowl was it
What nationality is Kofi Annan, who was appointed Secretary-General of the United Nations on January 1, 1997

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