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QUIZ: Can you name the Longest Reigning Monarchs of the world based off of the description?

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British monarch that ruled the longest with a 63 year reign1837 to 1901
French monarch that had the longest reign at 72 years1643 to 1715
The longest reigning Roman emperor who ruled for 41 years (prior to its split into east and west)27 BC to 14 AD
Ottoman Turkish Emperor that reigned for the longest period of 46 years1520 to 1566
Biblical king who reigned over Judah for 55 yearsKnown by some as 'the wicked'
Persian Emperor who ruled the longest (46 years)405 BC to 359 BC
Russian Czar who ruled for 51 years?'The Terrible'
Emperor who ruled over unified China for the greatest number of years?1662-1722
Japanese Emperor who ruled for 62 years1926 till death in 1989
Two Mogul Emperors reigned for 49 years each. Name oneBoth descendants of Babar

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