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Can you name the answer to questions about places in the world involving the letter q?

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What country is Quintana Roo found in?It is the name of a state in this country
What continent is Queen Maud Land found on?Claimed as dependent territory by Norway
What city is the Quai d'Orsay found in?Found on the south bank of the river Seine
What country does the fictional character Don Quixote come from?Author is Miguel de Cervantes
The Quirinal is one of the...Italian kings lived on it from 1870 to 1946
What is the capital of Ecuador?Begins with a Q
What was the capital of the Philippines before Manila?Begins with Q, capital from 1948 to 1976
What Canadian province's name starts with Q?Largest city is Montreal
What is an Australian state that starts with Q?Northeastern Australia, tropical climate
What is the world's only country that starts with Q?Lies on Gulf of Oman, neighbor of Saudi Arabia

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