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Can you name the Royal Rumble Entrant by Number or Elimination?

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YearWrestlerEntrant # or #th Eliminated and Who Elim
1988Entrant #1(Eliminated by Don Muraco)
1989Entrant #2(Eliminated by Andre)
1990Entrant #3(Eliminated by Ted Dibiase)
1991Entrant #4(Eliminated by Jake Roberts)
1992Entrant #5(Eliminated by British Bulldog)
1993Entrant #6(Eliminated by Berzerker)
1994Entrant #7(Eliminated by Bam Bam Bigelow, Mabel, Sparky Plugg, HBK, and Crush)
1995Entrant #8(Eliminated by Kwang)
1996Entrant #9(Eliminated by Shawn Michaels)
1997Entrant #10(Eliminated by British Bulldog)
1998Entrant #11(Eliminated by Faarooq)
1999Entrant #12(Eliminated by Kane)
2000Entrant #13(Eliminated by Al Snow and Val Venis)
2001Entrant #14(Eliminated by The Rock)
2002Entrant #15(Eliminated by Stone Cold)
2003Entrant #16(Eliminated by Kane)
2004Entrant #17(Eliminated by Randy Orton)
2005Entrant #18(Eliminated by Shawn Michaels)
2006Entrant #19(Eliminated by Rob Van Dam)
2007Entrant #20(Eliminated by Chris Benoit)
2008Entrant #21(Eliminated by John Cena)
2009Entrant #22(Eliminated by The Brian Kendrick)
2010Entrant #23(Eliminated by R-Truth)
2011Entrant #24(Eliminated by John Cena)
2012Entrant #25(Eliminated by Big Show & Sheamus)
2013Entrant #26(Eliminated by Ryback)
2014Entrant #27(Eliminated by Batista)
YearWrestlerEntrant # or #th Eliminated and Who Elim
1988Eliminated 1st(Eliminated by Jake Roberts)
1989Eliminated 2nd(Eliminated by Andre the Giant)
1990Eliminated 3rd(Eliminated by Randy Savage)
1991Eliminated 4th(Eliminated by The Undertaker)
1992Eliminated 5th(Eliminated by Repo Man)
1993Eliminated 6th(Eliminated by Mr. Perfect)
1994Eliminated 7th(Eliminated by Diesel)
1995Eliminated 8th(Eliminated by Sione)
1996Eliminated 9th(Eliminated by Yokozuna)
1997Eliminated 10th(Eliminated by Mil Mascaras)
1998Eliminated 11th(Eliminated by Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown)
1999Eliminated 12th(Eliminated by Kane)
2000Eliminated 13th(Eliminated by Road Dogg)
2001Eliminated 14th(Eliminated by Test)
2002Eliminated 15th(Eliminated by Christian and Chuck)
2003Eliminated 16th(Eliminated by Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)
2004Eliminated 17th(Eliminated by Mick Foley)
2005Eliminated 18th(Eliminated by Snitsky)
2006Eliminated 19th(Eliminated by Carlito)
2007Eliminated 20th(Eliminated by The Great Khali)
2008Eliminated 21st(Eliminated by Triple H)
2009Eliminated 22nd(Eliminated by Chris Jericho)
2010Eliminated 23rd(Eliminated by Kofi Kingston)
2011Eliminated 24th(Eliminated by Sheamus)
2012Eliminated 25th(Eliminated by Big Show)
2013Eliminated 26th(Eliminated by Ryback)
2014Eliminated 27th(Eliminated by Kane)

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