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Can you name the answers to physics questions about Current Electricity and RC Circuits?

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The rate of flow of charge
In order for charge to flow in a circuit, it needs a force supplied by a _____
The speed at which charges move through a circuit is _____ velocity
The sum of the voltage rises and drops around a loop in a circuit
As temperature increases resistivity
The energy stored in a capacitor =
A voltmeter is placed in
An ammeter is placed in
The name for the time required for voltage to fall to V(0)/e in an RC circuit
A capacitor with circular parallel plates of radius R is separated by distance d with capcitance C. What would the capacitance be if the radius was 2R and the distance was d/2
A capacitor charged to a potential difference V stores an amount of energy U(0). If the potential difference is doubled, what is the new stored energy
Two identical capacitors, X and Y, are in series across a battery. A dielectric material with k=5 is placed in X. Once equilibrium is reached, how will V(X) compare to V(Y)
How will charges Q(X) compare to charge Q(Y) from question 15
A metal write has a resistance R with temperature T. The wire is melted and all the metal is used to reform it into a new wire 4 times as long. The resistance of the new wire is __
A _____ is any point where wires are split in two or more places
A _____ circuit consists of any combination of constant voltage sources, constant current sources, and resistors
A _____ circuit is composed of resistors and capacitors and driven by a voltage or current source

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