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Can you name the electrical terms from the hints given?

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Copper, aluminum and sodium are ______ of electricity
Electrical pressure is measured in
Electrical power is measured in
Amount of electricity is measured in
Electricity that constantly changes voltage and polarity is called
Resistance to electricity is measured in
A device intended to keep electricity from going where it shouldn't is called
When supply voltage drops too low, due to over-demand, it is called
A complete electrical interruption is called
A device that can change the voltage is called
Electricity that remains a constant voltage, and moves from on polarity to another is called
Electricity that flows as a result of a short circuit or other unusual condition is called
When electricity is unintentionally shorted to the ground, it is called
When electricity jumps through the air, it is called
Measurement of how much electricity can continuously pass through a conductor without it overheating

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