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Game model in which a firm assesses its decision based on what a competitive firm chooses. It becomes a monopolist of residual demand.
Monopolistic firms set quantity so that Marginal Revenue =
If one strategy dominates all other strategies regardless of the actions chosen by rival firms, it is the _________
a small number of firms acting independently but aware of one another's existence. (They cannot ignore each other)
In the Stackelburg model the residual demand curve becomes the followers __________
Function that a firm would use in Cournot Model in order maximize profit.
Competitive firms have no choice but to set quantity created so that profit is
Equilibrium Concept in which holding the strategies of all other firms constand no firm can obtain a higher payoff (profit) by choosing a different strategy. (no firm wants to chan
If two firms in Bertrand model have identical products and consumers are indifferent between the two equilibrium price for both must equal
This uses formal models to analyze conflict and cooperation b etween players.
In this game model, firms set price rather than output.
In this game model the leader firm picks its output level and then other firms are free to choose their optimal quantities given their knowledge of the leaders output.

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