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good morning
good evening
welcome (greeting)
How are you (inf. sing)
How are you (formal)
I'm fine, thanks
Thank you
thank you very much
you're welcome (response)
you're welcome (response) #2
Hey buddy/mate! (male only)
I missed you so much (inf.)
I missed you so much (for.)
what's new?
nothing much
good night
See you later
I'm lost
Can I help you? (inf)
Can you help me?
Where is the bathroom?
I'm looking for john
one moment
How much is this?
excuse me... (to ask for something)
Come with me
Do you speak German?
Just a little
nice to meet you
you're very kind
what do you do for a living? (inf)
what do you do for a living? (for)
I've been learning German for 1 year
that's good
i will be right back
i have no idea
You can call me any time
i'm bored
what's wrong with you?
Are you free tomorrow evening?
Can you tell me more about you?
I'm Vegetarian
pleased to meet you
enjoy your holiday

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