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Drink as if there's no tomorrow
Zischen ('to hiss')
party heavily
stray around the blocks
Der Säufer
Let's lift one together
good, hearty breakfast for the day after
gate crasher
Shall we go clubbing?
Ein Absacker
to dress up
Night club
to get tarted up for a party
to pre game
to gamble
light beer mixed with lemonade
state of being drunk/ alcoholism
to throw a party
to hang around at home
to party
let's have a drink
Ein 7 Minuten Pils
a light and refreshing wheat beer w/ syrup
ich habe einen Kater
Ein Herrenhandtäschchen
Die Puffbrause ('brothel lemondade')
Ich bin blau
a beer and glass of sparkling wine
getting wasted doing an all-nighter
smashed, plastered, stoned
to booze/serious drinking
regional light beer from Cologne
to drink a beer quickly
doing an all-nighter

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