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Media mogul; the world's first black female billionaire.
Professional heavyweight boxer crowned 'Sportsman of the Century' by Sports Illustrated; former member of the Nation of Islam.
Civil rights activist whose act of defiance sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-6.
Civil rights activist; leader of the SCLC; orator of 'I Have a Dream'.
Author of 'The Color Purple'.
Leader of the Niagra Movement; co-founder of the NAACP; author of 'Black Reconstruction in America'.
Apache military leader who tried to unite his people against the idea of Manifest Destiny.
Leader of an 1831 Virginian slave revolt.
Helped Lewis and Clark navigate the Louisiana Purchase.
Author of 'Invisible Man'.
Humanitarian and abolitionist best known for helping slaves escape through the Underground Railroad.
First African-American President of the United States.
Author of 'Roots' and 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X'.
Director of 'Malcolm X' and 'Inside Man'.
An American labor leader who organized migrant labor in California.
Author and poet; 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings'.
Current Hispanic female Supreme Court Justice.
First African-American Secretary of State.
Former Star Trek actor that actively promotes gay rights.
First female African-American Secretary of State.
Victim of Taliban brutality, she has campaigned for gender equality around the world.
'Satchmo'; Jazz trumpeter and singer.
Female politician in Myanmar that promoted human rights.
Basketball player voted ESPN's Greatest North American Athlete of the 20th Century.
Comedienne and actress who won an Academy Award for her role in 'Ghost'.
Most successful athlete at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
First African-American Supreme Court Justice.
Leader of the Nation of Islam, 1934-75.
Harlem Renaissance poet; 'The Negro Speaks of Rivers'.
'Brown Bomber'; World Heavyweight Champion, 1937-49.
Singer and musician; 'Hit the Road Jack', 'Georgia On My Mind'.
Nobel laureate; author of 'Beloved'.
Escaped slave and leader of the abolitionist movement; author of 'Narrative of the Life of...An American Slave'.
First African-American to play in Major League Baseball.
Jazz musician; 'Kind of Blue'.
Singer whose 1982 album 'Thriller' is the best-selling album of all time.
Jamaican-born Black Nationalist and leader of UNIA.
Actor; 'The Pursuit of Happiness', 'Men in Black'.
Nation of Islam spokesman; founder of the Organization of Afro-American Unity.
Advisor to Theodore Roosevelt; founder of the Tuskegee Institute and author of 'Up From Slavery'.

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