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Can you name the highlights of the Museum?

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Thank you, did you know....atrium
pink ceramic party foodPeople of the World
Named after John BallanceTangata Whenua
What, think this is a coal mine?Southern Land Southern People
My heart is missing but my brain is intactPeople of the World
Capt. Jack Barry owned meMaritime Gallery
Preyed on moa and small childrenSouthern Land Southern People
NZ's largest fossilSouthern Land Southern People
Spiky yet fashionablePacific Cultures Gallery
Win by relaxingDiscovery World
I'm the kind with hooves, not the black stuffNature Gallery
.....climbed onto the high side of the canoeTangata Whenua
Escaped from Lawrence (phew)Animal Attic
This is where the monarch lives?
South American avian consumerTropical Forest
Indian PainterPeople of the World
many legged crustaceanAnimal Attic
The Southern OctopusMaritime Gallery
large famous fishSearch Centre
Last Hawaiian monarchPacific Cultures Gallery
It's not where, but when...?

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