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Can you name the original video games by their characters?

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CharactersVideo Game
AiAi, MeeMee, Baby
Katie, Nikki, Divine, Bubba, Troy, Kivlov, Ulrika
Human Cleric, Orc Necrolyte, Human Conjurer, Orc Warlock
***, Doctor Ivo Robotnik,
Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers
Anna Williams, Armor King, Ganryu, Heihachi Mishima
Cole Phelps, Jack Kelso, Stefan Bekowsky, Finbarr Galloway
***, Link, Ganon
Tom Nook, Mr. Resetti, Dr. Shrunk, Copper
Jack Evans, Captain Price, Major Ingram, Joey Martin
Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina
Jade, Pey'j, Double H, Secundo
***, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde
Kratos, Athena, The Grave Digger, Oracle of Athens, The Body Burner
Sackboy, Sackgirl, Zola, The Collector, Little Xim, Big Xam
Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Ayla
John Marston, Dutch van der Linde, Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella,
Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Big Brother Bird, Mighty Eagle
Doctor Andross, General Pepper, Fox McCloud
Donkey Kong, Link, Fox, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Kirby
CharactersVideo Game
Jack, Andrew Ryan, Dr. Tenenbaum, Jasmine Jolene
Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, Sonya Blade, Kano, Goro
Xian Mei, Sam B, Logan, Purna
Bob Newbie, Michael Bachelor, Mortimer Goth, Melissa Roomies
Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald Duck, King Mickey, Ansem the Wise
Axel Steel, Lars Umlaut, Johnny Napalm, Judy Nails, Casey Linch
Arcturus Mengsk, Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan
Lara Croft, Jacqueline Natla, Pierre Dupont
Master Chief, Cortana, Jacob Keyes
Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, Dominic Santiago
***, Doctor Neo Cortex, Doctor Nitrus Brio, Aku Aku, Ripper Roo
***, Dr. Wright, Dr. Wily, Roll, Cut Man
Ryu, Ken, Shorinji Kempo, Gen, Birdie
Princess Sara, Garland, Matoya, Kary
***, Luigi, Shellcreeper, Sidestepper, Fighter Fly
Desmond Miles, Ailtair ibn La-Ahad, A Mualim, Robert de Sable
Adventurer, Grue, Troll, Cyclops, Thief
Chell, GLaDOS, Doug Rattman
***, Captain Qwark, Chairman Drek, Snagglebeast
***, Sparx the Dragonfly, Gnasty Gnorc

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