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Dursley's Full Address
Harry's Birthday
Hagrid's Dragon's Name
Hagrid's Dragon's Species
Hermione's Charms Exam Grade (1st Year)
Only Known Maker of the Sorcerer's Stone
Gringott's Vault that Contained the Sorcerer's Stone
Gryffindor House Ghost
Dumbledore's Phoenix
Hogwart's School Caretaker
Ron's Favorite British and Irish Quidditch League Team
Dudley's School
Dobby's Clothing Article to Freedom
Only Ghost Professor at Hogwarts
Ghost of the Girl's Bathroom
The Weasley's Car
Dumbledore's Full Name
Knight Bus Driver
Knight Bus Conductor
Aunt Marge's Favorite Dog
Robes for All Occasions Owner
Hermione's Cat
Care of Magical Creature's Dangerous Textbook
Year a Wizard 'Comes of Age'
Lupin's Boggart Form
Dumbledore's Predecessor
Hermione's Parent's Profession
Fat Lady's Replacement
Bartender at Three Broomsticks
Dementor Repelling Spell
Peter Pettigrew Animagus
Sirius Black Animagus
Caused the Whomping Willow to be Planted
Committee that Caused Buckbeak's Execution
Harry's Godfather's House Address
Winner of Quidditch World Cup (Harry's 4th Year)
Goblet of Fire's Underage Protection
Rita Skeeter's Writing Utensil
Head of Magical Games and Sports
Hogwarts Triwizard Tournament Badge Side 1
Hogwarts Triwizard Tournament Badge Side 2
Crouch's Former Elf
To Enter the Kitchens, Tickle The ______
First Line of Mermaid's Riddle
2nd Task's Duration
Harry's Place After the Second Task
Harry's Yule Ball Partner
Fleur's Yule Ball Partner
Viktor's Yule Ball Partner
Cedric's Yule Ball Partner
Mad-Eye Moody's Polyjuice Drinker
Wormtail's Cut-off Body Part
Holyhead Harpies' Captain
Harry's Squib Neighbor
Viktor Krum's Signature Quidditch Move
Black's (and later Harry's) House Elf
Hufflepuff 5th Year Prefects
The Educational Decree that Disbands Student Meetings
Buckbeak's Alternate Name
Sirius Black's Two Nicknames
Harry's Student Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
Harry's Scar from Umbridge's Detention
Fleur's Sister
A History of Magic Author
Hogwart's High Inquisitor
Xenophilius Lovegood's Magazine
Neville's Parents Ward Roommate
The Prophecy's Teller
Location of the Prophecy (specific)
Horace's Exclusive Student Group
Voldemort's Mother
Original Deathly Hallow's Family Owners
Harry's Advanced Potion-Making Inscription
Lucky Potion
Chocolate Cauldron's Poisoner
Ginny's Pet Arnold's Species
Hagrid's Giant Spider Friend
Dumbledore's Murderer
Dumbledore's Sister
Dumbledore's Brother
Marvolo Gaunt's Ring AKA
The Year Dumbledore Defeated Grindelwald
Harry's 'Signature Spell'
Remus and Tonks's Child
Nagini's Murderer
The Lost Diadem Thief
Severus Snape's Mother
Fred and George's Joke Shop
Harry Potter Supporting Radio Program
Bellatrix's Murderer
What Dumbledore Bequeaths to Hermione
What Dumbledore Bequeaths to Ron
What Dumbledore Bequeaths to Harry (either)
Who Wins? Harry or Voldemort?
Name One of Harry and Ginny's Children
Name One of Ron and Hermione's Children
The Last Line of the Series

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