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Can you name the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Trivia?

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What is the name of Harry's pet owl?SUPER EASY
What is the train to Hogwarts called?SUPER EASY
What house is Harry sorted into?SUPER EASY
Who is the Headmaster at Hogwarts?SUPER EASY
What is the name of Ron's pet rat?SUPER EASY
What street does Harry live on?EASY
Who is Harry's Potions Master?EASY
What is Hagrid's personal pet dog called?EASY
What is the name of the only Wizarding bank?EASY
Which Quidditch position does Harry play?EASY
To where is the first Hogwarts letter to Harry addressed?INTERMEDIATE
Where is the boa constrictor that Harry sets free from?INTERMEDIATE
What is the color of Ron's Christmas jumper?INTERMEDIATE
What plant do the trio run into after they pass Fluffy?INTERMEDIATE
What teacher does Harry meet in the Leaky Cauldron?INTERMEDIATE
What do you call a stone taken from the stomach of a goat?HARD
Where does Harry first hear the name Nicolas Flamel?HARD
What spell does Ron try to turn his rat yellow?HARD
What chess piece does Hermione take the place of?HARD
What is the number of the Gringott's vault containing the Philosopher's Stone?HARD
Who bought Neville his toad?DIFFICULT
What is the first password into the Gryffindor common room?DIFFICULT
What does Dean's banner for Harry's first Quidditch match say?DIFFICULT
What Muggle school was Harry supposed to attend?DIFFICULT
Before beginning the banquet on the first day, what words does Dumbledore wish to say? (any)DIFFICULT
Translated, what does the inscription carved on the top of the Mirror of Erised say?DIABOLICAL
On Dumbledore's Chocolate Frog card, what does it say he enjoys? (either)DIABOLICAL
What does the Owl Shop's sign in Diagon Alley say?DIABOLICAL
What is the first line of the Sorting Hat's song?DIABOLICAL
What is Nicolas Flamel's wife's name?DIABOLICAL

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