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Can you name the movies with their score composed by Hans Zimmer by their songs?

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Tennessee, December 7th
Life Goes On, The Final Game
Why So Serious, I Am The Batman
At Wit's End, I Don't Think Now is the Best Time
The Original Five, Interrupted Kiss
Cheldorado, The Brig
Terry's Dropped Out, Miami Jump
The Piecemaker, The Demon Barber of Dublin
The Arsonist's Waltz, Set Me in Motion
Born Free, Beacon of Liberty
Charlie Loses his Head, Sugai
Driving, Georgia
Beverly Hilton, Nixon Defeated
Science and Religion, Black Smoke
The Emperor is Dead, Slaves to Rome
Goodbye Brother, The Burning Bush
The Capponi Library, Avarice
Rock House Jail, In The Tunnels
Spider Pig, Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me?
Welcome to the Claskys, Drunk and Disorderly
Once Upon a Time in Africa, Foofie
Time, Dream is Collapsing
Zithulele Mama, The Pennywhistle Song
Woad to Ruin, Do You Think I'm Saxon?
Vespertilio, Macrotus
Dragon Warrior is Among Us, Tai Lung Escapes
Weird is Good, Leaning on a Lamp Post
Voodoo Woman, Time of Your Life
Stone in My Heart, Journey to the Line
The Great Migration, The Serengeti
The Dove, It Ain't No Hilton
Red Warrior, Idyll's End
The Kraken, You Look Good Jack
Koprano, Heart of Darkness
Leaving Wallbrook/On The Road, Las Vegas/End Credits
Sarajevo, Devoe's Revenge
Memories of the Dead, Freedom From Fear
Don Juan, You Love Someone
Stuck in Guacamole, Welcome to Dirt
Some of My Best Friends Are Sharks
The Long Road Back, Run Free
The Land, King of Pride Rock
A Better Man, The Greatest Woman on Earth
Chevaliers De Sangreal, Fructus Gravis
Souls, the Prophecy
Iris and Jasper, Separate Vacations
Before You Die You See The Ring, She Never Sleeps
Thunderbox, Last Note of Freedom
The Medallion Calls, Barbossa is Hungry
Synchrotone, Vale of Plenty
The Ballad of Lucy Jordan, Tennessee Plates
Alsatia's Lullaby, Let Joy & Innocence Prevail
Tracy Island, Lady Penelope: At Your Service
Giant Blue Head, Mel-On-Cholly
Discombobulate, Ah Putrefaction
Pedro and Blanca, Clara's Ghost

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