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Reason for FameSenator
Holds the record for the longest, continuous filibuster in Senate history after filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1957.
Former POW and presidential candidate in 2000 and 2008
Resigned from office in 2011 after an ethics investigation and revelations that he had an affair.
Virginia Senator who championed 'massive resistance' to integration and was famous for his strict control over Virginia politics.
Helped broker a deal in Congress in 1833 to diffuse tensions related to the Nullification crisis.
Infamously dubbed 'The King of Pork' by Citizens Against Government Waste, he was the longest-serving Senator until his death in 2010.
He was the first Japanese-American Senator, the most second most senior Senator, and a medal of honor recipient.
After having been defeated in a 2010 primary challenge, this Senator mounted a successful general election write-in campaign, becoming only the second Senator to successfully do so
Reason for FameSenator
In 1856, this Senator was nearly killed by a House colleague two days after delivering a powerful anti-slavery speech called 'The Crime Against Kansas.'
In 2008, this Senator lost re-election after he was found guilty in a corruption probe. He later had his conviction vacated due to prosecutorial misconduct.
With the nickname 'Master of the Senate' this former Senator and U.S. President used his extensive knowledge of Senate rules to pass significant social reforms.
A strong supporter of civil rights, this Senator was known for his eccentric personality, fascination with Marigolds, and his exceptional public speaking skills.
In 1804, famously killed Alexander Hamiton in a duel.
In 2002 this Senator resigned his position in Senate Leadership after controversial comments he made at former Senator Strom Thurmond's birthday celebration.
Known as 'Senator No' this Senator was known for his famous filibuster of the act to approve a Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday.

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