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Can you name the Abilities that are unique to certain Pokémon?

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KecleonType changes to the attack that hits the Pokémon
ShedinjaOnly super-effective moves will hit
CastformAppearance & Type changes with the weather
RayquazaAll weather effects are eliminated upon entry
Bronzor/BronzongIncreased resistance to Fire attacks
Skitty/DelcattyAll attacks become Normal-Type
SableyeThe Pokémon will always move last
RegigigasAttack & Speed are cut in half for the first 5 turns
ArceusType depends on held Plate
CherrimTeam's Sp. Attack & Sp. Defense are boosted in sunlight
DarkraiSleeping Pokémon lose HP each turn
Archen/ArcheopsOffensive stats are cut in half when HP falls below 50%
ZangooseAttack is boosted when poisoned
Drifloon/DrifblimSp. Attack is boosted when burned
Zorua/ZoroarkTakes the appearance of last conscious party member until damaged
DittoInstantly copies the opponent upon entry
Yamask/CofagrigusContact changes the attacker's Ability to this
DarmanitanChanges form at 50% HP or less
VictiniBoosts the team's accuracy
ReshiramEnables moves to hit the target regardless of Ability
ZekromEnables moves to hit the target regardless of Ability
Spritzee/AromatisseProtects the team from moves that limit move options
AegislashForm changes depending on move used
Fletchling/Fletchinder/TalonflameFlying-Type moves take first priority at Max HP
Skiddo/GogoatDefense is doubled in Grassy Terrain
Goomy/Sliggoo/GoodraContact lowers the attacker's Speed
Mega KangaskhanThe child attacks after the parent
YveltalPowers up all Dark attacks
XerneasPowers up all Fairy attacks
ZygardeReverse the effects of Dark Aura & Fairy Aura
Primal KyogreSummons heavy rain upon entry; renders Fire-Type moves useless
Primal GroudonSeverely intensifies the sunlight upon entry; renders Water-Type moves useless
Mega RayquazaSummons a mysterious air current that eliminates all Flying-Type weaknesses
Mudbray/MudsdaleDefense increases upon taking damage
WimpodSwitches out or flees when HP reaches 50% or less
GolisopodSwitches out or flees when HP reaches 50% or less
Sandygast/PalossandDefense increases by 2 stages when hit by a Water-Type move
Mareanie/ToxapexAttacks deal critical damage to poisoned opponents
MiniorWhen shields are up, status problems have no effect on the Pokémon; when HP reaches 50%, Defense drops, but Speed & Attack are boosted
Yungoos/GumshoosIf opponent switches out, the ally who switches in takes double damage from your attack
Dewpider/AraquanidIncreased resistance to Fire attacks and protection from being burned; Water attacks also deal more damage
DhelmiseSteel attacks deal more damage
DrampaIf an attack takes you down to 50% HP or less, Sp. Attack is boosted by 2 stages
Rowlet/Dartrix/DecidueyeProtected from contact damage
Popplio/Brionne/PrimarinaSound-based attacks become Water-Type
ComfeyRecovery moves take first priority
Alolan Geodude/Alolan Graveler/Alolan GolemNormal attacks become Electric attacks
Alolan RaichuSpeed is doubled in Electric Terrain
WishiwashiWhen HP is high, a school will form around you
MimikyuProtects you from a single attack, no matter how powerful
GreninjaTransforms upon knocking out an opponent; Water Shuriken deals more damage
ZygardeWhen HP reaches 50%, transform into Complete Form
Salandit/SalazzleCan poison Poison-Types & Steel-Types
KomalaActs as if asleep; protected from most status problems
TsareenaPrevents opponents from using priority moves
PyukumukuThe user damages the attacker landing the finishing hit by the amount equal to its last HP
OricorioWhen another Pokémon uses a 'Dance' move, you will immediately use that move, regardless of speed
CharjabugBoosts allies' Sp. Attack
Stufful/BewearTake half damage from contact moves, but double damage from Fire attacks
BruxishPrevents opponents from using priority moves
MagearnaSp. Attack increases upon knocking out a Pokémon
Alolan Diglett/Alolan DugtrioContact lowers the attacker's Speed
PassimianCopy the Ability of a fallen ally
Alolan Grimer/Alolan MukCopy the Ability of a fallen ally
Ultra BeastsYour highest stat increases upon knocking out a Pokémon
SilvallyType depends on held Memory
Tapu KokoActivates Electric Terrain upon entry
Tapu LeleActivates Psychic Terrain upon entry
Tapu FiniActivates Misty Terrain upon entry
Tapu BuluActivates Grassy Terrain upon entry
SolgaleoOpponents cannot lower your stats
LunalaTakes 1/2 damage at Max HP
NecrozmaTakes less damage from super-effective attacks

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