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Fist Attack +
Foot Attack +
Physical Attack +
Air Attack +
Strong Throw +
Weapon Attack +
Shooting Attack +
Dash Attack +
Hyper Smash Attacks
Neutral Special +
Side Special +
Up Special +
Down Special +
Special-Move Power +
Aura Attack +
Magic Attack +
PSI Attack +
Fire & Explosion Attack +
Water & Ice Attack +
Electric Attack +
Energy-Shot Attack +
Toss & Meteor +
Shield Damage +
Giant Killer
Metal Killer
Assist Killer
Critical Hit +
Impact Run
Shield Durability +
Easier Perfect Shield
Perfect-Shield Reflect
Air Defense +
Weapon Resist +
Aura Resist +
Magic Resist +
PSI Resist +
Fire/Explosion Resist +
Water/Freezing Resist +
Electric Resist +
Energy-Shot Resist +
Slow Super Armor
Super Armor
Unflinching Charged Smashes
Great Autoheal
Healing Shield
KOs Heal Damage
Critical-Health Healing
Move Speed +
Braking Ability +
Jump +
Floaty Jumps
Additional Midair Jump
Landing Lag -
Easier Dodging
Battering Items +
Shooting Items +
Thrown Items +
Item Gravitation
Beam Sword
Killing Edge
Fire Bar
Death's Scythe
Lip's Stick
Star Rod
Ore Club
Ray Gun
Super Scope
Steel Diver
Rage Blaster
Banana Gun
Fire Flower
Ramblin' Evil Mushroom
Green Shell
Mr. Saturn
Black Hole
Super Launch Star
Fairy Bottle
Made of Metal
Mouthful of Curry
Bunny Hood
Back Shield
Franklin Badge
Super Leaf
Rocket Belt
Screw Attack
Stats + after Eating
Stats ++ after Eating
Invincibility after Eating
Poison Damage Reduced
Poison Immunity
Poison Heals
Lava-Floor Resist
Lava-Floor Immunity
Ice-Floor Immunity
Zap-Floor Immunity
Slumber Immunity
Sticky-Floor Immunity
Strong-Wind Resist
Strong-Wind Immunity
Fog Immunity
Screen-Flip Immunity
Irreversible Controls
Gravity-Change Immunity
Falling Immunity
Bury Immunity
Improved Escape
Transformation Duration +
Critical-Health Attack +
Critical-Health Defense +
Critical-Health Stats +
Critical-Health Stats ++
Critical Immunity
Trade-Off Attack +
Trade-Off Defense +
Trade-Off Speed +
Trade-Off Ability +
Undamaged Attack +
Undamaged Speed +
Undamaged Attack & Speed +
Running Start
First-Strike Advantage
Fast FS Meter
Chance of Double Final Smash
Double Final Smash
Jam FS Charge
Weapon Attack & Move Speed +
Energy Shot Attack/Resistance +
Armor Knight
Stamina +
Critical Hit ++
Item Autograb
Team Power Up
Poison Power Up
Critical Fast FS Meter ++

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Tags:bro, effect, smash, spirit, support, ultimate

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