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Name the Racer who participates in each corresponding mission

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Forced Order
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Sonic Crush
Mardi Gras
Fight to the Finish
Treasure Island
White Knuckle Ride
Hedgehog Target Practice
Graffiti Speed Star
Seaside Cup
Egg-Stremely Simple
Race Your Bets
Jet Set Slide
Egg-Citing Times
Emerald Snatcher
Beat the Dealer
Fiesta Food Dodge
Blizzard Cup
Fiesta Clean-Up Crew
Jet Set Race
Nitro Nights
Seafood Dinner
Monkey Capsules, I Love 'Em!
Sky Pirates
Tokyo-To Cup
Spooky Speedway
Maraca Madness
Banana Bonus
Fare Game
Water Slide
Chu Chu Avenue
Carnival Cup
Big Banker Payout
Creepy Crawlies
Fortress Fiasco
Hidden Ring Stash
To Drift or Not to Drift?
Monkey Muddle
Drift From a Rose
Casino Cup
Things Go Bump in the Night
Monkey Trouble
Egg-Splosive Slide
Tokyo-To Show
Have You Seen Lan Di?
Factory Frolics
Horrible Cup
Going Bananas!
Space Channel Drive
Haunted Hoedown
Bonanza Blast
House of the Dread
Factory Crash
Slip Slide
Super Monkey Cup
Lethal Lava
Final Countdown
Super Monkey's All
Graffiti Boost
Beach Party
Every Second Counts
Robot Cup
Save the Day, Sonic!

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