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QUIZ: Name the Racer who participates in each corresponding mission

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Forced Order
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Seaside Speedway
Crazy Coin Grab
Safety Gates
White Knuckle
Seaside Shoot 'Em
House of the Egg
Off the Clock
Golden Egg
2 Beats per Minute
Crazy Like a Fox
Where Hog?
Seafood Danger
Number One Hit
Space Channel Drive
Downtown Dash
Drift From a Rose
Icicle Rally
One of Those Rings
Taxi Time Trial
Rose Hits
Fun in the Sun
Top Banana
Hatcher Plan
Billy Gates Gruff
Treetop Tussle
A Ring in Time
Hit 'N' Miss
Kidd Gloves
Sliding Tackle
A Gate of Chance
Call the Doctor
Banana Drama
Watch the Bass Bins
Jacky's Jet Set
Reach for the Stars
Every Rose...
Destination Drift
Which Came First?
Hard to Earn
Jump to the Beat
Automaton Attack!
Gates of Glory
Fist Full of Fun
I'll Miss You
Monkey Mayhem
Race to the Future
Claws for Thought
Love to Gate You
Chu's to Slide
His Name is Ryo
Them's the Gates
Banananza Bros.
Egg-Stravagant Ending

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