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Can you tell whether the following quizzes are from Buzzfeed or parody site Clickhole?

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Can You Perform The Duties Of The Exit Row?
How Many Of These Euphemisms For Male Masturbation Have You Heard?
Which Tom Hardy MySpace Photo Are You?
Which Ghostbuster Are You Based On Your Snack Preferences?
What Strain Of Cannabis Are You?
Who Is Your Celebrity Cousin?
Is This A Sigur Rós Lyric Or Just A Bunch Of Letters?
How YOLO Is Your Period?
Test Your Knowledge Of Mitochondria, The Powerhouse Of The Cell
Can You Identify These Candies Or Are You An Idiot?
Can You Guess The Anne Hathaway Movie From These Emojis?
Which Boston Bruins Player Should You Date?
Can You Tell Which Of These People Lost A Lot Of Weight And Which Ones Just Bought Big Pants?
Are You Welcome In Vermont?
Are You Old Money Or New Money?
Obama Quote Or Description Of A Ray Bradbury Book Cover?
How Many Of These Depression-Era Boxers Do You Know?
Who Said It: Ron Swanson, Ernest Hemingway, Or Someone Else?
Can You Guess These Celebrities’ AIM Screen Names?
Can We Guess How Many People You’ve Had Sex With Based On Your Food Preferences?
Can You Guess What These Sexist Adverts Are Trying To Sell?
Which Of These Guilty Pleasures Are You Weirdly Proud Of?
Which Breakfast Food Are You?
Looking For A Second Opinion On Which ‘Sex And The City’ Character You Are?

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