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Can you name the movie that features a Bond actor in another role?

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Bond's an Israeli agent exacting vengeance
Bond's a time-travelling Immortal
Bond teams up with the Treasury Department in Chicago
Bond's hunted down and killed by Tom Hanks
Bond's ripping off the Met
Bond's dealing cocaine in London
Bond has to put up with a British girl group
Bond battles a volcano
Bond is the voice of Mr Pricklepants
Bond needs to be rescued from the Nazis by his son
Bond's breaking INTO prison
Bond's singing his away across a Greek island
Bond's an assassin (that's more like it!) drinking his way through Mexico City
Bond's a monk on the trail of a killer
Bond sells Van Damme into slavery
Bond defects!
Bond has to deal with Fran Drescher's voice
Bond is an aristocrat in a parallel universe
Bond's a murder suspect (one of many) traveling by train
Bond is a Polish Jew dodging and killing Nazis in the forest

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