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Forced Order
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Clue (Year of film)PersonActor (Film)
French singer (2007)
US Army general during WWII (1970)
American environmental activist and legal clerk (2000)
English writer who killed herself in 1941 (2002)
Indian nationalist and pacifict (1982)
Gay activist, murdered in 1979 (2008)
A retired American boxer (1980)
20th century British monarch, died at the age of 56 (2010)
American singer-songwriter who died in 2004 (2004)
British monarch who acceded to the throne in 1952 (2006)
Clue (Year of film)PersonActor (Film)
English lawyer, author, and statesman who died in 1535 (1966)
British prime minister (2011)
16th century English king (1933)
Irish painter and writer (1989)
19th century US president (2012)
Leader of Uganda in the 1970s (2006)
American country singer-songwriter who died in 2003 (2005)
British socialite tried for the attempted murder of his wife (1990)
20th century American writer (2005)
American country singer-songwriter (1980)

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