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Can you name the answers to the following questions regarding the USA-UK?

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Which Beatles song references Tucson, Arizona?
Which two US presidents have statues in their honor in Grosvenor Square, London?
Which American actor got an Oscar nomination in 2005 for playing a Scottish writer?
Which Welsh actor got an Oscar nomination in 1996 for playing an American president?
Which US state capital is geographically closest to London?
Which US state capital is geographically farthest from London?
Which monarch are Virginia and West Virginia named for?
Which monarch are North & South Carolina named for?
Which Briton was the first person named an Honorary Citizen of the United States?
Which American did Edward VIII abdicate the throne for?
What is the only surname shared by an American president and a British Prime Minister (both 20th century)?
Which US state was named for the wife of King Charles I?
Who was the American Ambassador to the UK from 1938 to 1940?
Which American president won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford?
Which noted British atheist became an American citizen in 2007?
Which American actor tried for a cockney accent in Mary Poppins?
Who was the first US president not to be born a British subject?
Which Briton delivered a eulogy at Ronald Reagan's funeral?
Which famed London hotel is home to the American Bar?
Which American journalist famously reported from London during the Blitz?
Which American model did Mick Jagger marry in 1990?
Which monarch sat on the throne when the Declaration of Independence was signed?
Which Elton John US number one hit from 1975 features a US city in the title?
Which acclaimed American writer spent the last 40 years of his life in England, dying in 1916?
Which decade saw New York surpass London as the world's biggest city?
Which southern US city is also a West Midlands city in England?
Which Scottish-born industrialist died a very rich American in 1919?
Which year's FIFA World Cup saw the USA upset England 1-0?
What is the name of James Bond's CIA contact?
Which Manhattan neighborhood was named after a southeast London neighborhood?
Which London-headquarted company was hit with billions in fines by the US government in 2010?
Which two airports represent the busiest US-UK route?
Which Englishman directed American Beauty?
Which 1960s pop group was made up of three Americans and a Brit?
Which year saw the last time America and Britain declared war on each other?

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