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_____ is a good king who his people like. By no fault of his own he is unable to discern those who threaten his reign.
_____ is a basically good man who is troubled by his conscience and loyalty though at the same time ambitious and murderous. He is led to evil initially by the witches' predictions
_____ is a good wife who loves her husband. She is also ambitious but lacks the morals of her husband. To achieve her ambition, she rids of herself of any kindness that might stand
_____ serves as a foil to Macbeth, showing an alternate react to prophecy. _____ retains his morals and allegiances, but ends up dying. He is brave and ambitious, but this is temp
_____ shows early on a distrust of Macbeth. He also represents fate as when knocking on the door. He thinks he can avoid having his family looking guilty and getting killed by flee
_____ as a good king, is everything that Macbeth is not. He uses deception only to insure his personal safety.
_____ is Duncan's youngest son and fless to Ireland when his father is murdered.
_____ is one of Duncan's nobles and he is largely an observer in the play. He grows suspicious of what he sees in Macbeth, and grows increasingly sarcastic and is fearful for the f
_____ is Macduff's cousin. He acts as a messenger in the play, bringing good news of Macbeth's military victory and bad news about Macduff's family.
_____ is the Earl of Northumberland and an ally of Malcom and Macduff.
_____ is Siward's son. He is slain by Macbeth in hand-to-hand combat.
_____ is Macbeth's lieutenant.
_____ is sometimes referred to as the queen of the witches. It is she who directs supernatural happenings and appearances of the mystical apparitions.
_____ is the keeper of Macbeth's castle who imagines that he is the keeper of Hell's Gate.
_____ plays no large role, and the only question is how his line ends up becoming king after Malcolm.
One of the noblemen of Scotland (1)
One of the noblemen of Scotland (2)
One of the noblemen of Scotland (3)

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