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What do you know about World War 1

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Name One Of The Causes Of WW1
Who gave the 'Blank Check' to Austira-Hungary?
Who was in the Triple Entity
Who was Gavrillo Princip?
Who was the leader of Russia?
What Is Mobilization?
Who Formed the Triple Alliance?
what is between to trenches?
what kind of weapons were in this war?
Who wanted this war the most?
What was the Nationalist Group Gavrillo Princip was apart of?
What Is the Homefront?
What Country did Austria-Hungary Invade?
What were the technical innovations of WW1?
What Deadly weapon Germany use in WW1?
What Is Mustard Gas?
Who Killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
What style warfare was fought?
Whats A Planned Economy?
What Is Industrial Mobilization?
How Did Planes Bomb People?
When Did The War End?
Who Were Drafted?
How would you tell who won the battle in WW1
Why Did Italy Join the triple Entity?

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