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Can you name the words that contain the letters 'ough'?

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Forced Order
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Shaped by use of hammering tools_ _ o u g h _
Passageway or highway_ _ _ _ o u g h _ _ _ _
Purchased_ o u g h _
Administrative district or area_ _ _ o u g h
Clear the throat_ o u g h
In one way and out the other_ _ _ o u g h
It's kneaded to make bread_ o u g h
Zero_ o u g h _
Hardened or hardy_ o u g h
Battled against_ o u g h _
Mild cranial activity_ _ o u g h _
Period during which there is a lack of water_ _ o u g h _
Tree limb_ o u g h
What a pig might eat out of_ _ o u g h
Searched for_ o u g h _
Adequate for the want or need_ _ o u g h

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