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Can you name these facts about the Roman Kingdom, Republic, and Empire that start with A-Z?

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Ancient city that headed the Latin League and was destroyed by Rome in the mid-600s BCA
Roman Emperor for three months during the Year of the Six Emperors, a wise magistrate who had a fierce rivalry with his co emperorB
First and largest chariot racing stadium in the city of RomeC
Large administrative unit set up by Diocletian that grouped several provinces togetherD
These people were situated in north central Italy, their southernmost city was VeiiE
Visigothic chieftain who defeated Emperor Valens in the Battle of AdrianopleF
The last Emperor to lead a campaign across the Rhine and who was going to reinforce Valens before Valens thought it a fine idea to pursue battle before he showed upG
Youngest son of Theodosius I who inherited the western half of the Empire while his brother, Arcadius, inherited the eastH
Battle in which Septimius Severus decisively defeated his rival, Pescennius Niger, during the Year of the Five EmperorsI
King of Numidia who was defeated and captured by Lucius Cornelius SullaJ
Earliest form of Roman government, lasting from 753-509 BCK
Roman Emperor from 308-324 who was a fierce rival with Constantine I, his death marks the final blow to Diocletian's TetrarchyL
Son of the Tetrarch Maximian, he built an impressive basilica in the Roman Forum as Constantine marched south through ItalyM
A city that was ceded to the Sassanid Empire following the defeat and death of Julian; Emperor Jovian gave its citizens only three days to evacuateN
Ruler of Palmyra who defeated the Persians returning from their sack of Antioch in the early 260s AD and would reestablish Roman authority in the EastO
Centermost hill of the seven hills of Rome and where the city was originally foundedP
The first official post in the Cursus Honorum, occupants supervised the treasury and financial affairs of the stateQ
Made capital of the Western Roman Empire by Stilicho in 402 due to the dense swamps that surrounded it; it remained the capital until the fall of the EmpireR
Last Roman official in Gaul who was defeated by the Franks under Clovis I in 486, 10 years after the traditional end of the Western Roman EmpireS
Emperor of Armenia who brought the empire to its greatest extent and eventually surrendered to PompeyT
A region in central Italy whose major city, Perugia, supported Marc Antony and was almost completely destroyed by OctavianU
Third of the Emperors during the Year of the Four EmperorsV
King of the Visigoths from 415-419, Rome granted his people autonomy in Aquitaine for defeating a branch of the Vandals in SpainW
Spartan mercenary general for the Carthaginians who defeated the Roman forces in Africa during the First Punic War X
Consuls during the Republic served for one ____Y
Queen of the Palmyrene Empire, a breakaway state that encompassed all of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and southeastern AnatoliaZ

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