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I have a sex contract with Angela!
I like to scuba-dive
I knitted Michael an oven mit for Christmas
I got injured dancing at Cafe Disco
I worked at a bowling alley
I shaved my hair off when I got Lice
My New Years resolution was to get more attention, by any means necesarry.
I punched a hole in the wall. Twice.
I fell in love with a chair model
My real name is Kelly, but nobody calls me that
I got myself for secret santa
I am much more fun in Florida, but at home I mostly do crossword puzzles.
I love to steal things
Michael tried to bring me to rehab
I killed a turtle
I had rabies
I once cross-dressed to work
I got engaged three times
I left for three months to go sailing
I moved to the Nashua branch
I starred as 'Golden Face' in Michael's movie
I started my own company,
Dwight gave me a heart attack. Literally.
I had an affair with my wife
My engagement lasted more than 3 years!
I kissed Oscar
I tried to steal Andy's job
I owned my own candle company
I bought a dozen disabled dogs at a fundraiser
I declared bankrupcy
I started a vacuum company called 'Suck It.'
All my friends won the lottery without me.
I own over three hundred horror movies!
I had a baby with a sperm donor... while dating Michael
Erin left Andy for me
I went to prison to visit the Scranton Strangler
Michael put me in charge of picking a new health care plan
I was the referee at the paper-airplane contest.
I held a funeral for a bird when my old boss died
I got a paid vacation with my boyfriend, Gill, because Michael kissed me.
Michael really, really, hates me.
Michael thought I could play basketball, but I can't.
I dated a purse-saleswoman
I went to high school with Michael
I got 'Jewish' on Diversity Day
Michael proposed to his girlfriend at MY Diwali festival celebration.
My ex-husband was a state senator
I started the fire!
I took Jan's old job
I am surprisingly good at slack-lining

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